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AnyCoin bonus issue

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  • Date2018-09-19
  • Date2018-09-19
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Hello from Things9.


We are sorry that the plan to implement the 'AnyCoin bonus issue' scheduled for September 10th was delayed due to the server upgrade.

We will inform you of the revised schedule for the implementation of 'AnyCoin Bonus issue' below.

please read it carefully and help us to make it work smoothly.


For reference, the size, object, and procedure for this bonus issue are the same as those announced on August 23rd.


1.      Bonus size: 150,000,000 ANY

2.      Who can receive the bonus: those who hold AnyCoin in their AnyCllet

3.      How it will take place:



September 30st, 2018 (Sun), at midnight

(24:00, UTC+9 Seoul time)

Things9 will take a snapshot for all AnyCllet accounts


October 1st, 2018 (Mon)

Based on the snapshot data, the bonus will be provided on the individual AnyCllet

4.     Notice

-       The present bonus is only for those who hold AnyCoin at the time of the snapshot. 

       AnyCoin held in other exchanges need to be transferred to AnyCllet before the date of the snapshot to be computed in the bonus.

-       The amount of bonus received will be based on the amount of AnyCoin held in proportion to the total amount o

       AnyCoin revealed in the snapshot.

-       On the day of the bonus distribution, October 1st, depending on the conditions of the Ethereum network,

       some of the AnyCoin may be received with a delay.

-       This bonus is announced through Things9 homepage, AnyCllet and SNS pages.

-       For more information, please contact our customer center (+82 80-555-0085).


Things9 always strives to grow through communication with its investors.
Thank you.