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Normalization of the AnyCllet service

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  • Date2018-09-12
  • Date2018-09-12
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Hello from Things9.

We have completed the inspection of the coin transaction function and all of AnyCllet services are now available on Android and web.

The inspection is finished also for the iPhone AnyCllet service, but as some problems persist, the restart of the service has been

postponed due to a delay deployment at App Store.

For those of you who use an iPhone, please use the web service until AnyCllet is normally distributed on the App Store.


In addition, here are the updates about AnyCllet's functions.


1.      When requesting a coin transaction, you have to wait for the previous transaction to be completed.

In the previous version of AnyCllet, you could request a new transaction even if the previous one had not been completed yet.

But this method frequently occurred ‘Pending’-Delay in coin transfer on blockchain networks- and created transaction bottlenecks.


So, we decided to create a more secure environment for your transactions by implementing a new system that could reduce "pending" transactions.


With the new system, it is possible to request a new transaction only after the previous one has completely been ultimate on the blockchain network.


2.      The AnyCllet fee policy is changed.

Existing AnyCllet fees were constituted by an AyCllet fee and a Blockchain fee.

And this fee was fixed at an internal fee 0.003 ETH, an external fee 0.01 ETH. However, in the new system, the total fees change fluidly

depending on the blockchain network situation.

From now on, information about all fees charged to you will be released category by category.

Also, depending on the blockchain network state, fees may be lower and you may make transactions with less.


A. Old Fees 
1) Old fees have been calculated by adding the AnyCllet fee and the Blockchain fee to a fixed amount. 
2) The total fee in the old fee policy has always been fixed at 0.003 ETH or 0.01 ETH, depending on the coin transfer type.

Total fee for transferring to AnyCllet

0.003 ETH

Total fee for transferring to an external wallet

0.01 ETH


B. New Fees

1) New fees are divided into 3 categories.

2) Total fees = 1st blockchain fee + AnyCllet fee + 2nd blockchain fee 

3) This fee is for AnyCllet fee, and does that does not include 1st blockchain fee and 2nd blockchain fee.

Blockchain fee was calculated based on the gas price of 21GWEI.

Also, this fee can not be expressed as a fixed amount because it changes fluidly depending on the blockchain network state.

4) The new fee policy will take effect September 12th, 2018 (Wed).

AnyCllet fee for transferring to AnyCllet 
(Blockchain fee separate)

0.0004 ETH

AnyCllet fee for transferring to an external wallet 
(Blockchain fee separate)

0.007 ETH

If you have any further questions, please call the Things9 customer service center at 080-555-0085.


Finally, we have one more request.


As the coin trading function resumes on AnyCllet, when you transfer coin from an external wallet, such as an exchange website,

you should transfer the coin to your new wallet address instead of your old wallet address.

If you wrongly transmitted your coin to the old wallet address, Things9 is not responsible for the missing amount.


We will do our best to maintain the service, and provide better service to you.

Thank you.


- From all employees of Things9 co., Inc.