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Changes in the bonus program and increase in the bonus amount

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  • Date2018-08-07
  • Date2018-08-07
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Hello, This is Things9.

Thank you for your interest in Things9 and AnyCoin.


The past 26th of July, Things9 held a meeting with a delegation of AnyCoin owners (investors)

and as a result we have announced a change in the bonus program on August 3rd, accommodating

the requests of the AnyCoin owners (investors) delegation for a change in the program and increase

in the bonus amount.


As for the bonus program for coin owners, there are changes in the timing and in the method of the bonus payments.



1.     Changes: Change in the program of the bonus

Previously: 200,000,000 (two hundred million) AnyCoin for 12 months from the listing on the global exchange.


Now: 100,000,000 (one hundred million) AnyCoin for 12 months from the listing on the global exchange



2.     Reference

The change in the program does not affect the time from the reaching of the target to the payment of the bonus, which remains 12 months, but modifies the total number of coins to be listed before the bonus is paid from 200 million to 100 million.


The calculation method and the payment date remain as before.


The bonus automatically applies from July 2018 and the bonus for July will be paid on the 8th of August.



3.     Bonus Increase

   We plan to add 50 million AnyCoin to the 100 million AnyCoin planned as bonus, thus increasing the bonus

   amount to 150 million AnyCoin to be distributed to AnyCoin owners (investors) around the middle of August

   by taking a snapshot.


   We will disclose more detailed information regarding the bonus increase and method separately.



Things9 always strives to grow through communication with its investors.

Thank you.