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Message for the listing of AnyCoin

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  • Date2018-07-31
  • Date2018-07-31
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Message for the listing of AnyCoin

On June 22nd, 2018, AnyCoin was finally listed on a cryptocurrency exchange.
Now AnyCoin can be traded on ExRate, the first exchange to offer AnyCoin transactions.
We would like to thank all the members that have supported us and had been waiting for the listing of AnyCoin.

Things9 has faced many difficulties and proceeded via trial and error in the process of creating AnyCoin and establishing the AnyCoin Life platform. But during that process, we have increased our knowledge and expertise about cryptocurrencies to an extent that will allow us to revolutionize the market.

We have walked at a different speed than other cryptocurrencies. We did not simply create AnyCoin, we also planned and built its ecosystem.
Things9 has not only shown its platform on the whitepaper, but it has realized it and held a pre-sale.
That is because we wanted to show you how a cryptocurrency, that we cannot actually see, can be integrated in real life and in the real economy.

As a result, we were granted a patent for the cryptocurrency payment system that we have developed and we have forged a strategic partnership with one of the major POS in Korea.
AnyCoin’s ecosystem, which makes AnyCoin a key currency, has been developed even further by exporting overseas the AnyCoin Life platform, consisting of the cryptocurrency wallet, the cryptocurrency POS payment system and the game AnyMining.
And now, by listing AnyCoin on an exchange, we have brought the ecosystem one step further.

Furthermore, by partnering with ICG, Things9 has obtained the copyright for a device to easily process not only normal payments but cryptocurrency payments as well.
Being ready to sell the POS device in Korea, USA and all Asia, it will be possible to exchange AnyCoin and AnyCash with many other different cryptocurrencies.
AnyCoin has now truly gained its place as a key currency.

But, unfortunately, during this development process, there have been also some regrettable problems.
Some, by exploiting Things9 status and background, have pursued egoistic aims and have caused trouble and sufferance to many members.

After the listing of AnyCoin, we will formally request that legal action be taken, so that they pay proportionately to the problems they have caused.
We at Things9 strongly believe that none should cause sufferance to others in the pursuit of egoistic goals.
That is why we assure you that this kind of illegal and unethical behavior will be handled firmly.

Being listed on an exchange is only the first step towards the growth of AnyCoin. You should not misunderstand the listing on a global exchange as the chance for a short-term speculation.

Things9 keeps drawing AnyCoin’s growth roadmap through AnyCoin Life platform.
We are preparing an innovative project that is only possible to realize through blockchain technology and the first results are already starting to show up.
We are planning to release AnyCoin’s roadmap in the near future.

In addition, after the listing on ExRates, we are preparing for AnyCoin to be released in rapid succession on other big exchanges.
We are waiting for a confirmation around July 4th from some of the cryptocurrency exchanges listed among the top 10, besides the ones that we have already mentioned earlier like Huobi, Binance and Bitfinex.

Finally, we have a request for all of Things9 members.
While preparing for the listing, we have been having some hard times because of the aforementioned problems. But during these times we realized that there are many that wish for the success of Things9 and AnyCoin and have been helping us. And we would like to thank you.
All of Things9 employees are giving their very best so that all the help you have given us will not be vain.

This is a time when every member’s support is much needed. After the listing on the exchange, everyone’s active cooperation is necessary so that AnyCoin’s value does not drop.
Let’s all together make our best efforts so that AnyCoin’s value can increase.


Now is the time for AnyCoin’s takeoff.
All of our employees will do their best so that Things9 be a company whose dreams fly beyond IT.
Thank you.


Things9 CEO, Lim, Jong Bum

and all employees