How to

1. How to buy Community Coin?

  • - Send Ethereum(ETH) to the following Ethereum Smart Contract Account.
  • - Smart Contract Account : 0x39A3E6459907C944B9E4697B3BBE4C261AB63D14
  • - Once this transfer is completed, Community Coin is deposited into the Wallet account of the recipients.
  • - You can check the deposit details in the AnyCllet app.

2. How to install AnyCllet Wallet?

  • - Launch Google Play Store on your smartphone.
  • - Search for 'AnyCllet' in the search box.
  • - When the AnyCllet (Things9) app appears on the list, press the 'Install' button to proceed.
  • - After installation is complete, you can enter basic information by clicking ' Sign Up' and use it immediately after verifying the authentication number.

3. How to exchange Community Coin to Item Token?

  • - Currently updating functionality.
  • - We will add an explanation after the update.

4. How to pay with Community Coin?

  • - Visit an Community Coin capable store.
  • - Launch the AnyCllet app and enter Email account and password to log in.
  • - After the store's AnyPOS QR code is recognized by the camera in the AnyCllet app, you will find a screen for payment.
  • - Input the payment into the AnyCllet app and complete the purchase of a product.

Shops With Community Coin

We have now signed up with various on/off-line stores.
Community Coin allows you to purchase merchandise and use it on the spot.

You can check the member store in the AnyCllet App.
We are continuously expanding our cooperation partners and expanding overseas affiliate businesses also.