About Things9

A company dreaming of ideals beyond technology, Things9

We have a belief that 'IT companies should not only continue to provide advanced technology and services, but also help to connect people and people and make the world a happy place.'
Based on this belief, our business continues to pioneer new markets and this leads to innovative lifestyles.

Goals & Vision Beyond adding convenience to life with innovation ideas, connecting people with people and creating a beautiful culture.

9 Core values

Coin Friend Team


LIM, Jong BumFounder & CEO of Things9

Specialist in blockchain and cryptocurrency technology, Development and launch of Community Coin, AnyCllet, AnyPOS.
Specializing in convergence of technology and business in various fields Korea University, MBA

Coin Technology Development

LEE, Keun WooCOO, Project manager

Master degree in Usong University.
previously principal manager in E&R division of DEVPIA, previously CEO of 2WeeksRain Inc., Attended as chief PM in establishing marine transport/passenger management systems. Attended as PD in producing full HD 3D live-action films.

SONG, Tae ilDB/procedure designer

MCSE (Microsoft Certified Solution Expert), Java/JSP expert. Attended governmental agency projects including development of JAVA SIP for satellites. Attended in several projects for developing operation systems or next-generation funding systems for financial organizations.

OH, Se Kwanresponsible for trade in Exchange

Majored in computer technology. Java/JSP/Oracle expert. Developed and operated OTP authentication modules and DB encrypting solutions. Analyzed DBM 3.0 projects from telecommunications carriers. Attended in developing financial asset management systems.

MIN, Won Kyudeveloped transmission network for Exchanges

Mechatronics/Java expert. Attended in developing ticket reservation and authentication system. Developed blockchain servers.

PARK, Sung Heedeveloped DB and security accounts

Java expert. Attended in designing and developing integrated information systems for governmental organizations. Developed financial information management systems.

Mobile Development

HEO, Suseon

Majored in computer technology. Android expert. Developed VolP terminals and software. Developed S/W for feature phones. Developed shop POS apps (Android) based on digital currency payment system. Developed a chatting app (Android) with translation and AR functionality.

JUNG, Moon Ki

Majored in computer technology. Android expert. Developed VR-based user android apps. Developed E-wallet and transmission system-based android apps for users.

KIM, Tae Wan

Android/JSP expert. Developed an Android chat app with translation and AR functionality. Developed a digital currency homepage.

Chhem Sronglong

Majored in computer technology. IOS expert. Developed IOS app for mobile museum reservation system. Developed IOS app for users based on e-wallet and transmission system. Developed a digital currency mining game app (iOS version)

You Ratanaksamrith

Master degree in computer technology. HONORS: Best Paper Award: VoNet(Nov 2016), Top 15 Tech Startup(Nov 2013), Deep learning/Tensorflow expert. Developed Deep Learning Researcher. Developed shop POS app (iOS) based on digital currency payment system. Developed digital currency mining game app (IOS version).

PARK, Jae Hyun

JSP/Spring expert. Certified Cisco Certified Network Professional(CCNP). Ample knowledge and experience in financial/economic sector. Attended in developing digital currency project admin management web page.


Victoria Purynova

UI/UX Designer, Masters degree in Industrial Design, Proficient in English/Russian/Korean, Participated in various exhibition all over the world & presented as an artist, Creating user-centered design such as developing visual mockups/prototypes from wireframe.

Business & Contents Planning

OH, Tae Kyoung

Project Planner, Majored in digital media studies, Various carrier in a wide range of fields including mobile content planning/design, development of servers and client parts. Hosted a block-chain conference of Things9, Planning new projects and Creating prototypes based on user experience.

KIM, Hae In

Service & content Planner, Majored in digital media technology and acquired C/C++/Java/Database/various high-level programming languages. Learned design software in college, Experienced in developing various O2O services, Organized a conference titled ‘Future of block-chain and IoT 2017’, Developing and analyzing new services using cryptocurrency.


HAN, Young MoTechnical advisor

Presently CTO and head of R&D center in Things9 co.,Inc., Served as head of R&D center in IPCAST Co., Ltd., Served as deputy chief of development in CENITS Co., Ltd

KIM, Young JinBusiness advisor

President in Korea Entertainment Producer’s Association, President in Korea Culture Industry's Federation. CEO in Team Entertainment, Inc.

PARK, Bong SungBusiness advisor

President in Korea Entertainment Producer’s Association, President in Korea Culture Industry's Federation. CEO in Team Entertainment, Inc.

SOHN, Han Soo
Attorney at law

KIM, Sung Hoon
Attorney at law

lEE, Don Young
Attorney at law

CHOI, In Han
Attorney at law

KANG, Myoung Ku
Attorney at law

SHIN, Yong Hyun
Korean Patent attorney, U.S. Patent Agent

SONG, Jung Bu
Korean Patent attorney

CHOI, Min Seok
Korean Patent attorney



- Proceed with Sur-Ple ICO (Entertainment IDOL discovery and development Project)
- Conclusion of MOU for mutual cooperation with Korea Entertainment Producer’s Association.
- Conclusion of MOU for technical cooperation with Duksung Women's University. Research and Development of Blockchain-based Distributed Network.
- Launch AnyMining, AnyCllet, AnyPOS for Android OS in Korea and Japan.


- Develop Enterprise Biz platform and build a reverse auction site.
- Establish Soulbitcoin, cryptocurrency exchange based on Enterprise Biz platform.
- Develop HaveOn ECO system linked with Enterprise Biz platform and O2O platform.


- Launch of 'PISS', a parking-sharing service based on O2O platform.
- Conclusion of MOU with TBS(Traffic Broadcasting System) for support of O2O platform.
- Conclusion of MOU with TIS Inc., for parking control system establishment.


- Founding MPARK Inc., parent company of Things9.
- Launch of ‘Witty’, a social utility app.

Media & Resource

SBS Living economy

Daily Economy



Korea Times : Dec. 4th, 2017 2017 Korean Value Management Grand Awards, Things9 co.,Inc. - Implementing a Platform for Hallyu Contents and Cryptocurrency
Things9, the leader of the domestic cryptocurrency market, is showing off its new business platform 'ENTOK', and attracting attention from the market. The new Things9's project is aimed at reinvesting the amount of investment received from investors into the Korean entertainment business. ENTOK platform is characterized by investing via cryptocurrency based on the blockchain technology that Things9 had already.
Original article

Dong-A.com : Nov. 28th, 2017 (Enterprise & CEO) Taking advantage of the IOT based blockchain, and Opening the cryptocurrency business era.
Lim Jong-bum, head of Things9 co.,Inc., plans to form another successful story in connection with the recent Hallyu entertainment industry. Things9 signed a business agreement with the Korean Entertainment Producers Association on Nov. 15, on the development of cryptocurrency ICO platforms for nurturing Hallyu cultural contents and occupying the overseas market. It also decided to actively cooperate in supporting various activities related to Hallyu entertainment and setting plans to attract overseas investment to support projects.
Original article

JoongAng Ilbo : Jun. 21st, 2017 [Biz Story] Developing an App that can easily obtain and use of cryptocurrency 'AnyCoin'
Software developer, Things9, has launched a groundbreaking service that makes it easy for the public to acquire and use coins. The company has developed the AnyMining app and the AnyCllet app that acquires and uses AnyCoin, an cryptocurrency developed by Things9. AnyMining is an app for obtaining AnyCoin that you can conveniently mine AnyCoin by AR game that is familiar to the public with Pocketmon Go game.
Original article

Token Event

Primary Promotion
Find 100 million won with Dudi!

June 8 ~ June 30, 2017
Events to mine 100 million won AnyCoin were held in Gangnam, Hongdae, Sinchon, and Konkuk University in Seoul by the AnyMining promotion.

More token events are planned. Please support a lot.
The news will be announced through the homepage and SNS.


14F, Urbanhive, 476, Gangnam-daero,
Seoul, Republic of Korea